Updating CMake modules

To update CMake modules fetched from the web you need to run the update.py script:

$ cd cmake
$ python update.py ..

The CMake modules are not fetched or updated at configure time or build time. In other words, if you never re-run update.py script and never modify the CMake module files, then the CMake modules will remain forever frozen.

How to pin CMake modules to a certain version

Sometimes you may want to avoid using the latest version of a CMake module and rather fetch an older version, for example with the hash abcd123. To achieve this, instead of:

source: https://github.com/coderefinery/autocmake/raw/stable-0.x/modules/foo.cmake

pin the version to abcd123 (you do not need to specify the full Git hash, a unique beginning will do):

source: https://github.com/coderefinery/autocmake/raw/abcd123/modules/foo.cmake